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Baltimore Orioles Roster Transactions | Inside The Diamonds
Brew Crew Ball

Orioles acquire Corbin Burnes from Brewers

The Orioles acquire an ace

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Way To Early Power Rankings

2024 Way Too Early MLB Power Rankings: Cubs Crack Top 10, Cleveland Plummets

The offseason has just begun, so who ranks where in the way to early MLB Power Rankings before they add players to get better in 2024?

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A's Relocation

Breaking Down the A’s Relocation and What It Means for Everyone Involved

Oakland is losing another one of their sports teams with an approved relocation to Las Vegas for the A’s

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Tigers Christmas List

Why Blake Snell and Aaron Nola Must Be at the Top of the Detroit Tigers Christmas List

The Tigers’ top priority this offseason is pitching, and these two names should be at the top of their list

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Stephen Strasburg to Retire After 12 Seasons

Washington Nationals Pitcher Stephen Strasburg to retire.

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The dilemmas the Tigers are currently facing

The Detroit Tigers have been struggling as of late, and here are some of the dilemmas they are currently facing.

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The Tigers have re-invented themselves. Could they actually be good in 2023?

There hasn’t been excitement going into a Detroit Tigers’ season in a good while. But from their first game against the Philadelphia Phillies, I’ve been intrigued. The Tigers came out hitting the ball hard and far. And they haven’t stopped. New additions like Nick Maton and Matt Vierling have made an immediate impact. Holdovers like […]

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Photo: Viva El Birdos

A Story You Must Know: The Life of Óscar Taveras

When you think of a player that had a lasting impact on the game of baseball, who comes to mind? The Home Run King, Barry Bonds, Babe Ruth, the best hitter in MLB history, Ted Williams. But one slips away. One goes unrecognized not as one of the greats but as someone who forever left […]

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Getty Images

Chas McCormick: Are We In or Out?

A 21st Round pick in 2017, Chas McCormick would have to defy the odds and more to reach MLB stardom. Four years after he was drafted, he was starting in the outfield in the World Series. But McCormick sticks out like a sore thumb in an Astros lineup packed with superstars like Kyle Tucker, Yordan […]

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Who Will Close Out Games for the Dodgers This Year?

The Dodgers’ closer merry-go-round will continue this year, it seems. With Jansen long gone and Kimbrel leaving, it leaves the door wide open for a new arm to shut down games in the ninth. Here is the most viable option to have closing out games this year in SoCal. Evan Phillips Phillips is the best […]

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