Day: March 5, 2023

Predicting the Yankees Opening Day Roster

The Quest for Championship #28 Continues Yankee Stadium will soon be alive with a house filled with enthusiastic Yankee fans awaiting the home team to take the field against the San Francisco Giants. Three weeks from Thursday, the Yankees will be pulling on the pinstripes for the first of one hundred sixty-two games. Time will […]

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The Tigers have re-invented themselves. Could they actually be good in 2023?

There hasn’t been excitement going into a Detroit Tigers’ season in a good while. But from their first game against the Philadelphia Phillies, I’ve been intrigued. The Tigers came out hitting the ball hard and far. And they haven’t stopped. New additions like Nick Maton and Matt Vierling have made an immediate impact. Holdovers like […]

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Photo: NBC Sports

Cubs Spring Training: Week 1

As Spring Training for the 2023 MLB season rolls on, baseball fans and experts alike are eager to see how their favorite teams and players are shaping up for the year. While it’s important to remember that we’re still in the early stages of Spring Training, it’s hard not to get excited about some of […]

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The Detroit Tigers have a hidden gem in prospect Reese Olsen

Unfairly ranked at #13 in the Detroit Tigers pipeline, pitcher Reese Olsen looks like a real gem. Olsen came to the Tigers via a trade that saw pitcher Daniel Norris head to the Milwaukee Brewers in 2021. Now Reese Olsen is a pitcher who is reaching his draft projections. Olsen’s off-speed pitches are to drool […]

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