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Angels Spring Training Review Through Two Games

We all know that Spring Training doesn’t really equate to season success directly, but for the eternal optimists, the Spring could not have started better for the Angels. The Angels have two games played in which they have hit, pitched, and won at the highest clip possible. In game one, the Angels played the Seattle […]

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Dream Scenarios or Emergency Plans for the 2023 Angels

Depending on how this season goes for the Angels, there will be a lot of situations to consider. Some of these would be an absolute dream, and others, not so much. We will dive into some of the more likely possibilities on both sides of the coin. DREAM SITUATIONS The number one dream situation for […]

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Angels Off-Season Transactions look Promising for 2023

The Angels make a splash every offseason and then battle to reach or stay above .500 by April. There is no question the Angels have talent; however, when it comes to depth and pitching, it is the same old narrative. After the 2022 season, the Angels are looking to forget the disastrous season and hopefully […]

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