Day: February 9, 2023

Tier Rankings for All 30 teams

Where does your team stand for the 2023 season? Rebuilding Teams Reds: They have some potential but won’t be contending this season. Nationals: They have a ton of prospects that might come up this season, but they won’t be contending. A’s: They added some pieces but most likely will finish last place in a good […]

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Padres Right-Handed Pitcher Yu Darvish Mid-Wind up Set to Deliver Next Pitch

Padres Reach Long-Term Extension With Veteran Starter Yu Darvish

This afternoon the San Diego Padres made a splash, signing right-handed pitcher Yu Darvish to a whopping six-year deal worth $108,000,000. The 36-year-old was set to be a free agent this upcoming offseason, but Padres management had no interest in that. The Padres continue their wild offseason, this time locking up one of the best […]

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Dream Scenarios or Emergency Plans for the 2023 Angels

Depending on how this season goes for the Angels, there will be a lot of situations to consider. Some of these would be an absolute dream, and others, not so much. We will dive into some of the more likely possibilities on both sides of the coin. DREAM SITUATIONS The number one dream situation for […]

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Top 5 Starting Rotations Entering 2023

In this one, I will list and predict my Starting Rotations for the 2023 season, assuming all these teams stay fully healthy this season, I could see this being the teams with the best-starting pitching. 1.) New York Mets In my mind, the Mets have the best starting rotation entering this season. According to FanGraphs, […]

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Blue Jays Shortstop Bo Bichette Fixes Hat in Blue Jays Dugout Prior to Game

Blue Jays Reach Three-Year Extension With Star Shortstop Bo Bichette Prior to Arbitration

Last night news broke that the Toronto Blue Jays and star shortstop Bo Bichette have reached a three-year extension, avoiding arbitration. The 24-year-old shortstops arbitration case was originally set for tomorrow, but the Blue Jays chose to avoid it altogether. This was the best-case scenario after the news of an arbitration hearing broke in January.  […]

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