The Evolution Of Alec Bohm

Philadelphia Phillies Third Baseman Alec Bohm Credit: Yong Kim / Staff Photographer Yong Kim / Staff Photographer

Alec Bohm entered spring training this year with a roster spot already locked up. However, it wasn’t like that just one short year ago. In 2022, the Phillies entered camp with a roster battle at shortstop and third base. In his offseason press conference following another season without playoff baseball in 2021, Dave Dombrowski told Didi Gregorius that his roster spot was not guaranteed. So February came, and a battle between Bryson Stott, Didi Gregorious, and Alec Bohm formed for the final two everyday positions. It turns out that Alec Bohm was almost not a Phillie at all entering 2022. There was a glaring issue of defense on the Phillies. It is a widely known fact that the Phillies were not going to be great defensively. Behind the scenes, immediately following the end of the MLB lockout, Dave Dombrowski was in contact with the Oakland Athletics front office on a trade that would send two-time platinum glove award-winning third baseman Matt Chapman to the Phillies in exchange for Alec Bohm and multiple unidentified prospects. 

Toronto Blue Jays Third Baseman Matt Chapman
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In hindsight, Alec Bohm was not traded. It remains unknown if this was the right decision or not, but looking at Bohm’s growth over the course of the 2022 season, it seems like a good decision. While Chapman is expected to be a free agent in the offseason, Alec Bohm is a Phillie until at least 2027. Throughout the season, Bohm went from disaster on the field and underwhelming at the plate to confident and improving on the field and clutch at the plate. He has become a cult favorite in Philadelphia ever since he moved past his “I f***ing hate this place” incident in April of 2022. He has gained weight this offseason and is pulling the ball in the air with authority. The Alec Bohm who throws baseballs away and fears a ground ball to third is no more. He is now an established big league player competing for a championship. Alec Bohm is poised to get better, and if he does, he will be a great third baseman and a household name in Philadelphia for years to come. 

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