Takeaways From Craig Breslow’s Introductory Press Conference

Breslow's introduction press conference

The Boston Red Sox missed the postseason for the second consecutive season, and when things started to go downhill in 2023, the Red Sox relieved Chaim Bloom of his duties; they replaced him a few weeks ago with Craig Breslow and today; he had his introductory press conference to introduce him as Chief Baseball Officer. The press conference started with the chief executive officer Sam Kennedy saying the three reasons they chose Breslow were

  • Unmatched Clarity of Vision for the Department (Plans for player acquisition, Development, and performance)
  • Baseball Intelligence
  • Experience as a baseball player

The Takeaways

The main thing from this press conference is it sounds like Breslow knows the main thing needed is starting pitching, which is one thing he handled with the Chicago Cubs as he worked to make that staff better. Sam Kennedy was also asked as part of the press conference about the pitching, and he said this.

The Red Sox have not had a great track record of drafting and developing pitching. Winning for the Red Sox has been pitching and bullpen which is why Breslow made sense for what he did with the Cubs.

Breslow did mention that the moves it will take to get better will be

“Bold, and difficult decisions”

The big takeaway from that is you can expect trades to come, meaning prospects that have a bright future and even current members of the team that may be fan favorites, which Breslow opened the press conference saying he had no problem doing as his kids were mad at him for trading some of their favorite players from the Cubs which he wasn’t directly involved in. Still, he was a part of the staff that did.

Breslow went on to say more about winning in Boston for the fans.

“I know what it means to win in Boston. Red Sox fans deserve a standard of quality and consistency”

Having been a pitcher for the Red Sox, he mentioned winning in Boston, and he said his desire to win today is as strong as it was when he was a player. Breslow also defined the quality of being capable of winning the division and the World Series. He went on by saying that this standard is one that the organization will continue to “pursue relentlessly.”

The Three Pillars Craig Breslow said of MLB organizational success:

  1. Acquisition
  2. Development
  3. Optimization

Breslow’s predecessor was a guy who was an Ivy League graduate and an analytical guy, which Breslow is as well, but he went on to add this.

“I understand that some of you will see me as another Ivy League nerd with a baseball front office job, it’s true. I’m that. But I’m also a 13-year big league and a 2013 Boston Red Sox World Series Champion.”

Besides pitching, Breslow said that the Red Sox also need infield depth and a right-handed bat that can help with platooning in the lineup.

Wrap Up:

The biggest thing is it sounds like the Red Sox ownership is ready to spend money to make this team better and get back to the playoffs. It’s an exciting time to be a Boston Red Sox fan, and you can expect they will do everything needed to get better, even if that means trading prospects. One big thing that was thrown around a lot was the talk of solidifying the core of the team, the ones at the major league level, the minor league level, and the ones who may not be there yet. Breslow said he also wants to create an efficient and effective baseball operation. Expect this offseason to hear the Red Sox are interested in every pitcher involved in free agency and trades, as Breslow said they will overturn every stone to what can make their pitching better.

Tom Werner, after the press conference, said the Red Sox are “full throttle” this offseason, and Breslow has full access to upgrades as he sees fit. After today, as a Red Sox fan, you should be excited about what’s to come for the future. It sounds like the plan is to start getting back to winning baseball in 2024, and the front office with Breslow at the helm has a plan and the Red Sox are primed to return to the postseason and win their first World Series since 2018.

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