Remembering the Career of Dustin Pedroia on His 40th Birthday

Red Sox Pedroia

Today former Boston Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia turns 40 years old. Pedroia retired on February 1, 2021, after playing 14 seasons in the major leagues; a career that while was 14 years long ended a little prematurely as Pedroia suffered from a knee injury throughout his whole career, an injury he sustained in April of 2017 when former Baltimore Oriole injured Pedroia on a slide at second base, the slide to this day has always been mentioned as a dirty slide, I personally think it was but some may not. Pedroia was an excellent baseball player who played the game the right way and was the true definition of a dirt dog; it always seemed that when the game was over, he made sure he got his uniform dirty somehow.

Pedroia was drafted in the second round of the 2004 MLB June Amateur Draft by the Red Sox out of Arizona State University. He would go on to win a Rookie of the Year award winner in his first full season with the Red Sox back in 2007; he finished the season with a slash line of .317/.380/.442 and a .823 OPS he had 39 doubles, one triple, eight home runs, 50 RBI, 86 runs scored, seven stolen bases, and 47 walks; he also helped lead the Red Sox to a World Series title. Pedroia would follow up his Rookie of the Year award with an MVP award in 2008 when he slashed .326/.376/.493 with a .869 OPS; he had career highs in doubles and runs scored with 54 doubles and 118 runs scored, he hit 17 home runs, drove in 83 runs, stole 20 bases, and walked 50 times. Pedroia would also win a World Series with the Red Sox in 2013 and 2018; however, he only played in three games in 2018, and the following season in 2019, he would only play in 2019 before deciding to hang them up in 2019. Pedroia finished his career with a slash line of .299/.365/.439 with a .805 OPS; he had 394 doubles, 15 triples, 140 home runs, 725 RBI, 922 runs scored, 138 stolen bases, and 624 walks. Pedroia is a three-time World Series Champion; he was a four-time Gold Glove award winner, a four-time all-star, and won just one MVP award but finished in the top ten in voting two other times in 2011 and 2013. Pedroia was always known before every pitch as he got ready at second base to do a little hop; he was a fun player to watch and represented what it meant to be a Boston Red Sox.

6 thoughts on “Remembering the Career of Dustin Pedroia on His 40th Birthday

  1. I totally admired his enthusiasm for !! He played ĥis heart and soul out. His love for the game and for the success of his team to win were evidenced by the dirt on his shirt. HE IS MISSED and hope he is happy with in retirement (but I find it difficult to imagine him sitting still) !!!!!

  2. The ricochet off the wall and being the dirt dog that he was, he finished off the play throwing out that runner who’d taken a bit of a wide turn. Pedi was in every moment of every game! He played with reckless abandon! He reminded me of Mr Baseball ⚾️ Charlie Hustle! Dirty uniform and all.

  3. I loved watching him play his bat was a true “Lazer Show!” I’m alittle concerned about the training staff or maybe the field at Fenway this makes atleast 4 red Sox 2b who have had career knee injuries There was Marty Baret, Tim Nearing, and one of my favorites John Valentin. I’m wondering if there is something wrong here or Is it just a weird coincidence??!!! Perhaps Red Sox 2b are cursed?;if anyone maybe someone can shed a little light on this weird connection between redsox 2b and gruesome knee injuries…. I did hear something a I think about a law suit between either Nearing or Marty Barret I’m not quite sure (forgive me for my slight laps in memory) and the red Sox training staff. Hopefully it’s nothing but I dono man like stories and insight would be welcome 🤷🏾

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