Picks of the Day, 4/26

Blue Jays Shortstop Bo Bichette Fixes Hat in Blue Jays Dugout Prior to Game

Not a bad day yesterday. 2-1 on the regular picks. The Diamondbacks left the winning run on 2nd in the ninth or that moneyline parlay would have hit. The Twins and Yanks Over 6.5 was an easy one. red Sox scored 7 early, but still had to sweat the over until Kaleb Ort came in, in the ninth, and tried his hardest to blow an 8-1 lead. The Reach, 3 game, run line parlay was a bloodbath, but that was kind of expected.

40-33 on the season, some afternoon baseball today:
Pick #1
Royals @ DBacks, Z. Gallen to record a win, -110
Royals got their upset win yesterday. Not happening with Gallen on the mound. The Win for Gallen makes more money that Diamondbacks run line.
Pick #2
A’s @ Angels, Angels -1.5 run line, -120
Patrick Sandoval vs. a kid so irrelevant that when I click on his baseball reference page it brings me to a first baseman with the same name that had 150 career at bats in the 80s.
Pick #3
Dodgers @ Pirates, Dodgers -1.5 run line, +115
Pirates are a fun story, but the talk of making playoffs is absurd. It’s time to knock them down a peg, Dodgers should be able to handle the task.
Bo Bichette to hit a home run, +600
Bichette mashes fastballs. Kopech loves throwing gopher balls.


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