Arte Moreno Not Selling the Angels is a Bad Thing

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Arte Moreno announced Monday that he would NOT sell the Los Angeles Angels. He talked in a statement about winning a world series and how he had unfinished business with the team. Most Angels fans were visibly upset with the news, and rightfully so. Arte Moreno has never shown he wants to build a world series team. Moreno is known for signing the big flashy free agent deals to have fans in the stands but not build around Trout and now Ohtani.

Feud with Anaheim

Arte Moreno is not just a bad owner but also a shady person. The city of Anaheim and Arte seems to always had a feud with each other. Arte even goes to the point of making it seem he will leave Anaheim altogether. He was making behind-the-back deals with the former mayor of Anaheim and just didn’t seem like a great person.

Feud with Minor Leaguers

Not only does Arte not want to spend the money in the big leagues, but also he doesn’t want to spend money on minor leaguers. So many minor leaguers have terrible home environments and have to pick up jobs on the side just to get by in life.

Feud with Angels fans

Most of the Angels fanbase hates Arte as the owner of the team. It just seems Arte sees the fans as dollar bills who are just there for him to make a profit. Angels haven’t had a fan fest in what seems like forever.

The future of the team

So, what does this mean for the future of the Angels? Shohei will probably sign a long-term deal with the Angels, and the Angels will continue not to make the playoffs with this owner. Arte loves to not go over the luxury tax and use the money on players that will benefit this team. Unless Arte changes his mindset, you will expect the same old Angels until he does sell the team.

2 thoughts on “Arte Moreno Not Selling the Angels is a Bad Thing

  1. I will be honest. I don’t know much about the inner workings of the Angels. Does he hire people to be the President and GM? Does he butt in instead of letting those people do their jobs?

    1. It seems he is butting in on new free agent signings and tell the GM what to do. Doesn’t really let the GM cook

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