Rick Hahn

White Sox

Are the White Sox Beyond Fixing in 2023?

The Chicago White Sox have struggled to start the season, are they in trouble or can this team be fixed?

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OPINION: White Sox Face Doomsday Early in 2023

It is not an understatement to say the White Sox have been an overwhelming failure to this point in the season. The team has been disappointing in almost every facet of the game. From defense and pitching to player health, the White Sox seem to be finding ways to continue the struggles they have faced […]

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Cruciality of Developing a Winning Culture: White Sox Spring Training 2023

Under the new management of Pedro Grifol, it is vital for the White Sox to develop an atmosphere that breeds hunger, motivation, and, inevitably, a winning team. The talent on this year’s squad undoubtedly has the potential to win the division and compete in the playoffs. It is just up to the coaches and players […]

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