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Boston Red Sox and Chicago White Sox Linked to Potential Trade

The Boston Red Sox and Chicago White Sox could swing another big deal like they did back in 2016.

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OPINION: White Sox Face Doomsday Early in 2023

It is not an understatement to say the White Sox have been an overwhelming failure to this point in the season. The team has been disappointing in almost every facet of the game. From defense and pitching to player health, the White Sox seem to be finding ways to continue the struggles they have faced […]

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Seven White Sox Players Set to Compete in the 2023 World Baseball Classic

Beginning March 8, the World Baseball Classic will return to the global main stage and showcase some of the game’s best talent. Players will represent their nation, competing for national pride and the handsome prize payout. Many of the game’s biggest stars will be participating, including that of the Chicago White Sox. Tim Anderson, Kendall […]

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White Sox 2023 Award Predictions

Baseball season is on the horizon, and players are showing up to spring training with their eyes set on October. Everybody wants to be the X-factor that sets their team above the rest. For the White Sox, the question for the year lies in who is going to be that difference maker. Jose Abreu has […]

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Top 10 Left Fielders for 2023

Left Field is quite possibly the most boring baseball position, with most of the superstar corner outfielders playing in right field. However, left field is still filled with amazing talent. From best-of-the-best sluggers to rising superstars, here are who we believe will be the top 10 left fielders in 2023. Let us know your thoughts […]

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Does Andrew Benintendi Complete the White Sox Outfield?

The Chicago White Sox went into the 2022 season with a roster of players that led everyone to believe they were American League competitors and World Series hopefuls, at the least. A few injuries and underperformances later, they finished the season 2nd in the AL Central with an 81-81 record and a few glaring problems, […]

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