Player Interview: Eric Haase Edition

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Eric Haase was kind enough to do a short interview with me this week. Haase is slated to start at catcher this year for Detroit. He has a super busy spring ahead and a huge year coming up for him. Let’s dive right into the interview!

Detroit Tigers News: Tigers acquire Eric Haase for cash considerations – Bless You Boys

Question: 2022 was a busy year for you. You were a bright spot for Detroit fans. What improvements have you made heading into 2023? What will you be improving on in Spring Training?

Answer: “I’ve really spent a lot of time this off-season, specifically on receiving.”

Question: You are a hometown guy; what does it mean to you to be playing in Comerica Park?

Answer: “I really cannot explain how it feels to wear this uniform. Amazing”

Question: Spring is here; how are you feeling moving into spring training? How is it getting back with the team?

Answer: “The vibes in spring training are nothing like I’ve seen with the previous years. The group is blending really well, and we have a ton of young, talented guys fighting for a real opportunity at the big-league level.”

Question: Who is the best-dressed player on the team?

Answer: “The best-dressed player is probably Schoop.”

Question: Who is the funniest guy in the locker room?

Answer: “The funniest guy is probably Miggy.”

Question: Who has the hardest pitch to catch/read on the team?

Answer: “Lange’s Slider is the hardest pitch to catch.”

Once again, thank you to Eric for taking some time to chat with me. I always enjoy our conversation. Looking forward to a great year from Haase behind the plate… and plenty of those Lange sliders.

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