Opinion: Three Moves to Get the Seattle Mariners Back to Playoffs in 2024

Three moves to get the Mariners into the playoffs in 2024

The Seattle Mariners missed the playoffs last season after snapping the streak of missing the playoffs when they made it in 2022. The AL West is a tough division with the Houston Astros and World Series Champion Texas Rangers to compete with on a year-to-year basis. On paper, the A’s and Angels do not appear to be a threat this upcoming season. So how can the Mariners improve on their 88-win season from last year, finishing 3rd in the west 2 GB in the division to compete for a spot in the postseason? They have already traded Jarred Kelenic, Marco Gonzelez, and Eugenio Suarez to save cash, which seems to be tightening now that the TV network is moving the channel to the top tier price in the packages for customers; this is expected to lower viewer ship which will hurt ad money. Below are three moves I think would set them up to compete for the postseason and stay within their “budget.”

2B – Amed Rosario – Free Agent

Amed Rosario isn’t a big name or a big splash, but he plays decent defense and gets on base. Last year, he split the year between Cleveland Guardians and Los Angeles Dodgers; he can play Short and second base. In the last three years, he had a batting average of .282(2021), .283 (2022), and last year .263. I think with consistent at-bats and playing time in the field, we could expect him to finish somewhere between these numbers at a .275 range for 2024. Defensively, with the Dodgers last year at second base in 50 opportunities, Amed had zero errors, so the glove is solid and should pair nicely with Crawford up the middle. He provides decent speed, good average, and good defense while coming at a manageable price. They might be able to offer him a 2-3 year deal worth 4 million a year, 8-12 million total, with an opt-out option that could cut a year off, saving money if needed in the end. The Mariners need more guys on base when Julio Rodriguez gets to the plate, and a guy like Rosario fits the bill.

3B – Gio Urshela – Free Agent

Another name that would mostly be scoffed at, but to win more games, you need to score more runs. You want to live by the long ball; you die by the long ball cause solo shots are only worth one run no matter how far it’s hit, so let’s add another solid batting average guy to put in the lineup ahead of the big bats. Gio spent last season with the Angels and missed time due to a few injuries last year, but in the 62 games he did play, he had a solid average, which this team sadly misses. Another plus to signing Gio is the fact he can play anywhere in the infield and provide average defense at all four spots. Urshela could be added on a two-year deal worth 12 million ( 6 million a year) again with an opt-out option, making it a one-year deal if it doesn’t work out. If the budget truly is an issue, a guy who hits for average and can play all over the infield, why not throw a dart? If he stays healthy, you definitely get your money’s worth.

1B/DH – Josh Naylor – Trade

Josh Naylor has been linked to several teams, including the Mariners. I think a deal involving Bryce Miller or Woo makes sense as a starting point to acquire the Left-handed bat from the Guardians. Naylor and Ty France could split time between DH and First Base next year. Yes, we would be getting rid of one young arm, but if losing Miller and perhaps a couple of secondary prospects to gain a left-handed bat with some pop and a good average I think it’s worth it. Naylor had a great year last year for Cleveland, and I think he is just scratching the surface of his true potential with 25 home runs, 95 RBIs, and a .290 average, which is very realistic if surrounded with the right supporting cast.


I believe the above checks all the boxes as effective and improves the roster by providing depth and improving the offensive categories the team currently lacks. It all goes back to getting on base and hitting for average, which provides RBI opportunities for the bigger bats in the middle of the lineup. This would be my ideal lineup with the above moves being made.

  1. J.P. Crawford-SS
  2. Gio Urshela-3B
  3. Julio Rodriguez-CF
  4. Josh Naylor-DH
  5. Cal Raleigh-C
  6. Ty France-1B
  7. Dominic Canzone-RF
  8. Amed Rosario-2B
  9. Josh Rojas-LF

With the addition of Urshela, Rojas gets shifted out to the outfield, where he has played for the Diamondbacks regularly early in his career. The Bench would have Trammel, Marlowe, and Luis Urias. With the pitching staff they have, adding a half run more per game to their offensive output can make a huge difference throughout a season. With these moves as unpopular as they may be, I think Seattle has enough to push The Rangers and Astros for the division title next season. What do you think?

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