Offensive Potential and Projections in the Cubs Lineup

With the 2023 baseball season fast approaching, Chicago Cubs fans eagerly anticipate the team’s opening day lineup. And looking at the players projected to take the field, there are reasons to be excited about the Cubs’ offensive potential.

One player to watch closely this season is Dansby Swanson, who had a strong 2022 season with 99 RBIs and 25 home runs. If he can maintain that production level in 2023, he could provide a much-needed spark to the Cubs’ offense. Nico Hoerner is another player to keep an eye on, as he had a solid 2022 season with a .269 batting average and 67 runs scored. He is also a threat on the base paths. With another year of experience under his belt, he could improve on those numbers and become a key contributor for the Cubs.

Bleed Cubbie Blue

2022 All-Star Ian Happ is another player who has shown the ability to hit for power and get on base. He could have another solid season if he can increase his run and RBI production while maintaining his batting average. Seiya Suzuki’s rookie season was promising (.262, 46 RBI, 14 HR), so seeing how he adjusts after his 1st year with the Cubs will be interesting. Eric Hosmer and Trey Mancini are two veterans who could boost the Cubs’ offense, and both look to rejuvenate their careers in Cubby blue.

Former 2019 MVP Cody Bellinger has the potential to be a game-changer if he can bounce back from a down 2022 season. Patrick Wisdom is another player to watch, as he had a decent 2022 season with 25 home runs and could become a valuable contributor with a healthier batting average. Yan Gomes is known for his strong defensive glove and ability to hit for average and power. With Wilson Contreras out of the picture, Gomes will have an opportunity to step up and contribute behind the plate. However, he will be splitting time and competing with Tucker Barnhart, which could impact his playing time and production.

My Opening Day lineup and season projections:

  1. Nico Hoerner
    • 2nd base – .288 – 80 Runs – 65 RBI’s – 35 SB
  2. Dansby Swanson
    • SS – .278 – 101 Runs – 110 RBI’s – 38 HR
  3. Ian Happ
    • LF – .280 – 85 Runs – 90 RBI’s – 22 HR
  4. Seiya Suzuki
    • RF – .265 – 60 Runs – 88 RBI’s – 19 HR
  5. Eric Hosmer
    • 1st – .270 – 55 Runs – 79 RBI’s – 17 HR
  6. Trey Mancini
    • DH – .235 – 55 Runs – 65 RBI’s – 18 HR
  7. Cody Bellinger
    • CF – .263 – 80 Runs – 90 RBI’s – 28 HR
  8. Patrick Wisdom
    • 3rd – .225 – 65 Runs – 70 RBI’s – 17 HR
  9. Yan Gomes
    • C – .225 – 40 Runs – 45 RBI’s – 9 HR

These are optimistic projections from hopeful Cubs fans, but they could be very realistic with this offense. If the Cubs can rise to the competition, they’ll have the top seed in the NL Central. Of course, injuries and other factors can always impact player performance but based on their past performances and potential for improvement, there are certainly reasons to be optimistic about the Cubs’ offensive production in 2023.

Projections off the bench:

  • David Bote
    • Utility – .250 – 32 Runs – 38 RBI’s – 9 HR
  • Tucker Barnhart
    • C – .220 – 20 Runs – 29 RBI’s – 10 HR
  • Christopher Morel
    • 3rd – .238 – 62 Runs – 45 RBI’s – 12 HR
  • Edwin Rios
    • 3rd – .243 – 38 Runs – 48 RBI’s – 12 HR

Players like David Bote, Tucker Barnhart, Christopher Morel, and Edwin Rios are also expected to contribute. The Cubs have a strong, deep lineup that could make some noise this season.

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