Free The Whales: An Update on The Butchering of Broderick Tower

Ask any Detroit fan about the whaling wall. The most well-known mural in Detroit is best seen from Comerica Park. The mural has been on Broderick Tower since 1997. Rocket Companies, or Rocket Mortgage, has now covered the mural up with their own advertisement. A hideous, disastrous advertisement that is an eye sore to many Detroiters. It consists of colorful smiley faces and a banner that doesn’t actually cover up the previous mural. Robert Wyland, the artist who did the Whale Mural, has recently taken this to the Michigan Supreme Court. He believes what is happening is a direct violation of federal law. The law being the Visual Artists Rights Act. This protects artists by prohibiting the destruction of recognized art. The problem is… the whales are being covered up, not necessarily destroyed. The hashtag #BringBackTheWhales trended on all social media platforms. The city was furious and especially fans at Comerica Park.

The Whales deserve to be freed. They deserve to watch Miguel Cabrera retire. We are tired of the things we love being taken away. We grew so accustomed to having the mural we didn’t realize how bad it would hurt when it got covered up. It is time to ditch the corporate greed and FREE THE WHALES! It is progressing, but we cannot let it leave the media. Our voices must be heard.

Whale mural that’s visible from Comerica Park, blocked by a giant ad — will it be uncovered? (


Petition · Take down the rocket mortgage sign on the David Broderick tower covering the whale mural ·

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  1. Exactly anything that people enjoy greed wins out Rocket Mortgage should be ashamed to put their banner over the Whales how about boycotting Rocket Mortgage after all they didn’t come up with the word Rocket Hypocrites

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